Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chis Coleman to take the reigns at Wales

Wales still don't have a manager since the passing of Gary Speed. That was a carefully chosen euphemism because we are still not sure if it was suicide or a Michael Hutchence. It looks like Chris Coleman is going to take over. I don't mean the country Wales, as far as I know Tom Jones is still in charge.

I forgot Chris Coleman existed until I read about this. He always seemed quite likeable and far more knowledgeable than his shit managerial record would suggest. Having Wikipedia down makes writing far harder, perhaps he's a good manager but without the Wikipedia power I actually have no idea. I remember him being a bit terrible at Fulham and then he was manager of Larissa in Greece but nobody gives a fuck about Greek football because it's down the shitter along with the rest of the country. Sorry Greek friends. You won't see this anyway as you'll be out rioting.

Speed was doing a pretty good job and appeared to be loved by everyone, taking over his job has all the signs of a poisoned chalice. Although that didn't bother that dutch guy Raymond Verheijen, he was whoring himself out for the job before Speed was even buried.

It would be hard for anyone to take over from Gary Speed but it will be especially hard for Chris Coleman. Players may not take him seriously with his bizarre half-Welsh, half-Jamaican accent. Plus in my head I keep calling him Gary Coleman. You can't take orders from a deceased midget.