Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chelsea sign three Luton players who are brothers

Chelsea have completed the signing of three of Mrs Dasilva's boys in order to throw them deep into the heart of their money making football machine.  Will they end up successful and rich?  Or die in a a gigantic cocaine fireball when it all ends in tears?  I don't know.

borrowed from the BBC
Twins Rio and Cole, both 12, and their older sibling Jay, who is 13, have all transferred to Chelsea's youth academy for a fee that could rise to £1million if they all make the first team in the future.  It's actually only the twins that are any good but the parents insisted on taking their other child along as well so he didn't get jealous.  While he bumbles around the pitch like a drunk horse, the twins set fire to football pitches with their blistering pace and skills until one day they come across a strange old man who warns them of an ancient curse upon them.  The three kids learn that they must play a board game that brings real life natural disasters to their world in order to rescue... I dunno a dragon who will free the land of Zargon, and Robin Williams is there and everything.

The older kid turns out to be a real jerk like in Narnia and then that lion eats them.  Aslan or Arnold or whatever his name is. Actually, the joke's on you because I looooove Narnia.