Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Carlos Tevez is good with money

Carlos Tevez's shenanigans have reportedly cost him around £9.3million so far, with Man City fining him for pretty everything he does: gross misconduct and disciplinary issues etc.  When I refused to return from South America for my job they just fired me so this seems fair.

City haven't paid his salary since the end of November, and add this to the missed bonuses and fines he's received and you have the resulting and staggering £9million figure that the BBC have come up with.  As Carlos himself said "so what, that's not much right?  Like 8 pints of milk or something yeh?" and then he scurried back inside his cave to Skype the guys at AC Milan, who have been told not to phone the Man City house phone anymore.  "They're a bad influence" said Roberto Mancini but then he karate chopped a shop lifter at the exact same time because that makes this story more interesting.