Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Carlo Ancelotti has been offered Torres, Berbatov and Pavlyuchenko

New PSG boss Carlo Ancelotti is having an easy time buying players so far because not only does he have bajillions to spend, but other clubs keep offering their own misfiring players so he doesn't even have to think about who he actually does want.  Obviously he doesn't want Torres.

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The Italian manager was talking to La Gazetta dell Sport, which I think translates from Italian into 'mongoloid porn inferno', about how he has found life in the French capital so far:
“I have received hundreds of phone calls from agents offering me players ever since I signed with PSG. They have offered me some incredible names. Players who have just signed spectacular contracts elsewhere.”
“They all want to come here. There’s the city of Paris, there’s money and there’s a coach with a good reputation, ” he continued.
“Do you want the names? Okay, now I tell you the players the agents are offering on the market, officially or not: [Carlos] Tevez, [Fernando] Torres, [Dimitar] Berbatov, [Roman] Pavlyuchenko, [Edison] Cavani, [Fernando] Llorente.” (
Being offered Fernando Torres is like walking into a whore house full of exotic prostitutes and they all recommend this one girl who used to be really hot when she was like 21 but she had a knock on the head recently and just drools accidentally on you while you're trying to get busy.  Obviously I asked for my money bac....I mean a whore house?  I meant a house for horses!  Where players are kept there so you can see them and then possibly by them.  Yes... yes that should do.