Thursday, 5 January 2012

Blackburn fans will never be happy

Some furious Blackburn fans can't accept that beating Manchester United and then narrowly losing to Stoke shows some sort of a turnaround for their club and want everyone to boycott the club's upcoming FA Cup game.  And like 120 people will do it!  Take that Venkys!

That's Steve Kean before his operation to become an egg was completed back in 1967.  The surgery was conducted by the finest of the King's horses who graduated from Harvard the year before.  Unfortunately they forgot to keep the part of his brain that allows him to walk away from any challenge - it's his greatest strength and biggest enemy.  Like when Superman had his leg amputated.  You remember that right?  It was like it happened yesterday.

In related news, Blackburn Rovers FC Action Group said at least 120 fans planned to miss their next away game with Newcastle and probably solve crimes, since that's what their little club sounds like.  They probably even have their own high five thing where they say a little motto like 'Blackburn Rovers Action Group.... COMBINE!' and then they all write a letter to the chairman asking him to fire Blackburn but it gets lost in the post.