Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Berbatov to Bayern Munich

Sulky faced vampire, Dimitar Berbatov, has been spotted on a plane heading to Frankfurt, and because this is January it probably means he's moving somewhere like Bayern Munich or his previous employers Bayern Leverkusen.  That's what our friends at Dirty Tackle think anyway.

image from Dirty Tackle, courtesy of @reillyusa
The Bulgarian striker hasn't enjoyed the best of seasons at Old Trafford so far and has spent most of it on the bench, until the rare occasion that everyone else is injured or SAF finally remembers he exists.  Leverkusen sit in 6th place in the Bundesliga at present so Berbatov might just move there in order to get a game and prolong his playing career, or alternatively he could move to Munich and find himself probably on the bench again behind Mario Gomez.

Sitting down can be fun too though, I've had some of my best times sitting down.  Eating while sitting down, browsing the internet while sitting down - watching football sitting down is actually one of my favourite things.  You and I have more in common than we first knew Dimitar Berbatov, but please don't use your vampire hypnotic skills to sex me up.  Vampires can do that right?