Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bayern Munich annoy all their Facebook fans

OK so I'm about a day or two behind on a couple of stories but the other day Bayern Munich announced the signing of a major striker would be revealed at 2pm if people went to a certain site and liked their Facebook page.  Guess what actually happened.

So once everyone went to the page and eagerly anticipated the new signing (could it be Berbatov?! Tevez?!!) Bayern said "oh hey thanks guys, we never knew we had so many friends!  BTW there's no new striker but thanks for coming" and then the internet was like FUUUUUUUUUUUU

After the initial outrage subsided, Bayern offered an official apology on the site:
Sorry dear fans, as we see from your numerous comments, you are very upset about the today's action.
It was not our intention to disappoint you with the new app. Rather, we wanted to provide you with this action in the Center and thus show how important is each fan for Bayern Munich.
That's like a girl inviting a guy back to her house with the promise of the most amazing night of sexual fun ever but then actually just talking and crying about her dying grandmother.  It would have been less awkward if I hadn't already taken off most of my clothes.  There really aren't many ways out of that one.