Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Balotelli might quit English soccer

I called it soccer mwa ha ha!  In other news, Mario Balotelli's agent has warned that the striker might quit England soon if people don't stop giving him in trouble for kicking people in the head and stuff.

Mario faces a 4 match ban for acrobatically back heeling Scott Parker in the skull and he's getting pretty tired of being 'persecuted' constantly by the English FA.  He hasn't done anything wrong!  His agent said this:
"Obviously if he's being banned every three or four games for one reason or another we cannot go on like that and there needs to be an end to that.
"So if that's the case and English referees and the English FA would like Mario to go out of England then we would take that seriously in consideration, even if that's not and was not our intention.
Yeh damn right, if you can't just go round setting fire to stuff in this country anymore, what's the point?  They should be fucking glad to have him.  Sending him off when all he's done is assault someone, or receive two yellow cards in a game or something like that.  Disgusting.  I'm going to reverse my car over the neighbours' bins tonight and if I get in trouble I'm moving to Mexico because I'm so behind my brother, Super Mario.  That's the reason why.  And if you hear any other reasons like 'revenge', those are probably made up.  Also if his house burns down that totally wasn't me.