Monday, 23 January 2012

Balotelli isn't allowed to stamp on people

Mario Balotelli had a quiet afternoon against Spurs: scoring the winner and kicking Scott Parker in the face being just two of the things he achieved in 20 minutes of pitch time.  The FA was watching Sky at the same time unfortunately for him so he's been caught.

The 21 year old has been charged with violent conduct for his violent conduct on the Spurs midfielder and has until 6pm on Wednesday to respond to the FA.  We tried to get hold of Scott Parker for comment but he was too busy running through time to try and deliver post from the 40s to his war-time love, who is probably called Penny.  If the army had footballers, Scott Parker is what they would look like.  I can just see him on Band of Brothers now, running across a field, tackling those Germans hard, but fair.  He goes straight through them, but he takes the ball and they have a laugh.  Ha ha, what a guy!  High five!