Friday, 13 January 2012

AVB won't sell Lampard

So we all know by now that AVB really doesn't like Frank Lampard because he keeps making little snide comments in post match interviews about how he just can't work under these conditions (being rested occasionally when he isn't playing well).  He isn't moving though!

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The Chelsea manager insists that the pair have a "fantastic relationship" and even sometimes share baths together.  Sometimes Frank takes the narrative of the story a little too far, so when AVB has his rubber duck, Lampard's action man toy doesn't really make any sense to be there.  Is the duck a bad guy?  Are they both just stuck in some primordial soup, or an evil trap from Dr X?  Why doesn't action man simply ride the duck to safety?  These are the questions I think these guys should consider before just racing into the middle of the story.  I bet they don't even have full back stories for those characters.  Awful.