Sunday, 15 January 2012

Arsenal are going to Nigeria

When I think of places to go on holiday, I immediately rule out anywhere that I'm likely to be kidnapped or killed, thus ruling out most of Africa and Dundee.  Arsenal want to make some money though and Nigeria seems to be alright!  Pre-season ahoy!

Alex Song, Gervinho and others will be pleased to learn that their pre-season mission to make African people buy football shirts will allow them some time to be sort of nearly home, if by nearly home you mean 'still thousands of miles away'.  A club spokesman said this:
"Everything is right on track. Nigeria will happen," Arsenal's marketing director Angus Kinnear told BBC Sport.
"We had a successful meeting and covered a lot of ground.
"It's very important to get the right message across to the fans in West Africa and the entire continent.
"There is a strong desire to connect with our fans in Africa and the first step starts in Nigeria." (BBC)
A Nigerian spokesperson said he was really excited to be welcoming a Premier League team to his country and that Andrei Arshavin looks like he will be really tasty after they boil him, since he is only slightly more useful than a lobster on a football pitch right now.