Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Anton Ferdinand won't shake John Terry's hand

Anton Ferdinand has reportedly told his 'friends' that he will snub John Terry's attempts to shake his hand after the Chelsea defender allegedly called him (avert your eyes children) a "fucking black cunt".  He hasn't been proven guilty however so of course everything is still in the balance.
The 26 year old QPR defender hasn't changed his stance in the 'racist-gate' story and maintains that Terry committed the racism, but the England captain categorically denies it.  Kind of how you'd expect.  As you may recall a certain Luis Suarez was recently banned for 8 games after being found guilty of a sort of similar remark, so the court date on February the 1st should be entertaining.  The last time they had one Patrice Evra got a 4 month ban just for looking a bit African, which I think sends a bit of a mixed message. If you want to cut this stuff out you have to get your rules sorted, guys.  I can't be expected to keep up with all your jury's verdicts.