Thursday, 12 January 2012

Andy Carroll still isn't moving back to Newcastle

Everyone possibly involved in the transfer rumour of Andy Carroll to Newcastle denies there being any truth in it.  Because it's utter bollocks.  So please, just give it up.

A top Sun newspaper reporter (pictured above) claimed that Newcastle are lining up a £10million bid for their former striker as he struggles to find form at Kenny Dalglish's Liverpool.  I've compiled a list of reasons that this won't happen:

1. They signed him for £35million, which is at least £5million more than £10million about a year ago
2. He's awful now
3. See number 2

I just want to reiterate what I said in a previous post, and that is that if you put a quote from an agent, footballer, manager denying a transfer rumour repeatedly, it normally means it isn't true.  You don't have to go snooping around bins for clues because it's not a murder trial - Dalglish isn't suddenly going to run away and escape to Mexico.  If he did I bet Dirk Kuyt would help him.  I get the impression that Dirk Kuyt would be the helpful sidekick that Dalglish betrays as he escapes, and though he doesn't see him for 10 years later, Kuyt still forgives him when they meet up again to discuss the 5 goals that Andy Carroll has scored since then.