Friday, 6 January 2012

All hail the worst transfer rumour ever

Frank Lampard to Manchester United.  Yep.  Some papers even reported it as a real thing.

Lampard is 33, playing an important role for Chelsea and won't move to Manchester United.  The mystery is solved!  Alex Ferguson actually laughed when a reporter asked him about the rumour, which has come about because someone found a quote from SAF saying he regrets not signing the midfielder back in the day.

So yeh, remember when we told you about how transfer rumours start?  Yeh that's right, this is one of those.  And people whose job it is to gather football related stories went and asked Alex Ferguson if he was going to sign Frank Lampard?!  I honestly haven't heard a more clearly made up rumour since that time everyone said that the janitors used to lock themselves in the gymnasium and play naked badminton at my school.

How does that rumour start?  Why would anyone start that rumour?  And why badminton?  It's so specific.