Sunday, 15 January 2012

Alex McLeish writes letter to Aston Villa fans

Alex McLeish is a real innovator and has decided that asking 20,000 season ticket holders for a written review of his time so far at Villa is the best things to do.
Once the club staff have filtered through the drawings of penises, McLeish hopes to get some critical feedback from fans of the club, who as computer commentators on football games always tell me, 'know best'.  Wrong.  Football fans know absolutely nothing.  They are morons almost 90% of the time.  They adore a 'local lad' who works his way to stardom, then throw coins at him when he moves somewhere to enjoy himself a bit more and earn some more money to buy things like a house to live in.

They also regularly hold protests outside a club that they don't own to try and get some other guy fired, if he doesn't do as well as they want.  That's how nice football fans are.  Imagine really liking WH Smith's but then magazine sales go below what you want them to be so you go to the manager's house and start protesting and singing songs about getting him fired.  Just imagine that happening.  And I mean that.  Don't actually do it.  Those children looked terrified.  Uhhh so I've been told...

So anyway, I think McLeish will probably get lots of nice letters reacting to his assertion that Villa's season so far is "satisfactory - could do better".  I implore you to draw a picture of a cock and send it in, if you have the chance.  It's like he's teasing me