Sunday, 29 January 2012

Alan Smith might move to MK Dons

Remember when Wimbledon was a football club and not a sporting event for posh people?  Those were the days.  Then someone built a fake city out of cardboard boxes, called it Milton Keynes and a whole new team was invented!  Except the same as the old team.  Anyway, Alan Smith is going there on loan.

'Smudger' as he's known, actually earns around £60,000 a week which is fucking staggering when you consider how abominably terrible he is.  His career has hit such phenomenal heights that League One's MK Dons are the only club in the world interested in signing him and considering he started his career as a striker, a scoring rate of no goals in 77 games for Newcastle should give some indication as to why he doesn't play very much.  If he was a horse he would have been put down by now, is what I'm trying to say.