Friday, 13 January 2012

AC Milan won't sign Carlos Tevez

Because Alexandre Pato is choosing to say in Italy and not move to PSG during this transfer window, AC Milan don't have enough money or space in their spare bedroom for Carlos Tevez to move in.

City hope a deal can still be struck with either AC or Inter because they really want to get rid of this guy permanently.  He isn't allowed to go on loan anywhere because Mancini doesn't ever want to see the face of the one that betrayed him so badly, for fear that it may break his heart all over again.  "WHY DID YOU DO THIS CARLOS?  WHYYYYYYYY!?????" is what I was thrown out of a bar for screaming last night.  I think if I hadn't been alone I might have gotten away with it.  And if I hadn't replaced 'BP garage' with the word 'bar' in that last sentence.   It was a good night though.