Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aberdeen to lose their only good player

Kari Arnason is probably Aberdeen's sexiest and best player. Too bad he is going to leave in the summer, being an Aberdeen fan is rubbish.

Arnason is probably too good for Aberdeen. Unfortunately for us, he knows this. At one point he it looked like he was going to sign a deal. He talked about how much he enjoyed playing for the fans and blah blah blah. To use a cliched phrase, money talks and bull shit walks. 
"We made Kari an exceptionally good offer. However, the player believes he can earn a better deal elsewhere," 
The exceptional offer is believed to be two packs of jaffa cakes a week, plus an unlimited supply of Irn-bru and all the Pittodrie pies he could eat. Arnason will probably fuck off back to a lower league English side where he will earn ten times more than he could ever make at Aberdeen. His bank balance will be healthy but will he be happy? Yes, probably.