Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Yaya Toure feels guilty about African Cup of Nations

Yaya Toure will delay his departure from Manchester to join up with the Ivory Coast squad in January because he doesn't want to miss important league and cup games with his club side.  Also because the African Cup of Nations is only slightly higher a standard than than the SPL.

According to The Guardian, City have been given "special dispensation" to keep the midfield maestro so he can play in the FA Cup against Manchester United and then the first leg of the Carling Cup against Liverpool.  This seems pretty fair seeing as City pay him something like £200,000 a week to play for them and even Toure seems to think this, saying in the same article:
"Our country needs people like myself and Didier Drogba because there is a war and it's important we do what we can for our people, but this is also a crucial time of the season," he said. "There are two crucial months coming up and now I am going to miss one of them. The team, the club and the manager need me, but I will have to go away and play in a different competition.
In my limited knowledge of the tournament, the Ivory Coast should pretty much turn up and walk it seeing as they have all the best players, and you can't really take away the chance to represent someone's country from them.  The only thing I find slightly disconcerting about the whole story is that it sounds a bit like Toure and Drogba think they are going to war, and while undoubtedly they would be the best soldiers of all time, I'm not sure that's something the City medical staff are going to be pleased about.  Where are they going to find another ancient dinosaur wizard compatible with a blood transfusion on Didier Drogba?  Why would the City staff be fixing Didier Drogba?  There are a lot of questions that need answered here!