Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wayne Rooney ban reduced to two games

Wayne Rooney is a lucky boy because he'll almost certainly be headed to Euro 2012 after having his ban for kicking someone very hard in the leg was reduced from three games to two.

Perhaps it was the letter, perhaps it was Fabio Capello's stirling grasp of English and his poetic plea to allow the forward to have his ban reduced, or perhaps they played the 'my Dad was in jail and I was a bit angry' card, but whichever it might have been, it worked.  Rooney will now be available to play against Ukraine in the Euro 2012 group stages and I think the main lesson to be learned from here is that if you draw a picture of Wayne Rooney that goes viral and is printed in newspapers and published on hundreds of websites, put a fucking link to FitbaThatba on it so you get some credit.  I'm still annoyed about that.