Monday, 26 December 2011

Wales want Ryan Giggs to take Gary Speed's job

Gary Speed turned Wales into the beautiful princess that its potential held this year so it's somewhat unfortunate that he's now dead.  The Welsh FA know that only a true Disney legend can step into his crystal shoes so have started making noises at ultimate Welshman, Ryan Giggs.

Giggs is arguably the most famous of all the Welsh people since time began, pipping even the extremely sexual Tom Jones to the top of my list of 'Welsh people I'd like to meet'.  This is a separate and very different list to my 'Welsh people I'd like to bang' one, which coincidentally I think Ryan Giggs had a sneak peek at and beat to me to at least one of them.

The Manchester United legend is approaching the end of his illustrious career and since I think we all assume he's going to be a manager once he retires, it would make sense if the country he represented at international level should be the first place he starts.  Mark Hughes did the same thing and he's doing really well now.