Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Venkys are extremely stupid

Blackburn Rovers had a board meeting. Even Steve Kean himself probably expected to get sacked upon it's completion. Instead he was promised money to spend in January. They are clearly mental or perhaps Steve Kean really did sell his soul to the devil.

After looking at that photograph, perhaps he is the devil. Kean needs money if he is to keep Blackburn Rovers up. He also needs tactical awareness, a far superior football knowledge, respect from his players and a full head of hair. I'm not sure where those things will come from. As well as the promised pennies from Venky's chicken farmers or whatever the fuck they are, they will do everything they can to keep their star players.

I scratched my head and wondered about their star players but then remembered our good friend Chris Samba who invented Samboogle and Junior Hoilett who is just good. Barclays bank are worried about the clubs debts so this announcement did come as a surprise. Then again football money isn't a real thing, it's like online gambling. They are just numbers on a screen, it isn't real money. That's what I tell myself when I win £200 on a Saturday and see £0.00 on a Sunday.

Kean will no doubt have gone out for a few celebratory drinks after hearing the news. Let's hope he didn't drive home this time.