Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Turkish fans like throwing missiles

It was a bad night for English teams tonight in the Europa League and even worse for one English player. Poor Jermaine Pennant had various items thrown at him. I hope he's OK.

Besiktas beat Stoke City 3-1 in their cauldron of hate (I cannot spell their stadium) in Istanbul. They should be punished but probably won't because, "well that's just Turkish fans". Stoke players were pelted with coins, lighters, dildos, I-phones, horses and whatever else the fans could get hold of. Jermaine Pennant was so scared that he didn't want to take the corner kicks.

Jermaine Pennant is a complete dick so I can understand why they would want to hurt him. However he does have a son called Trey and that's pretty fucking cool. The kids name of course, not the fact that he has a son. As soon as I read he had a son I thought, "I bet he isn't still seeing the child's Mother". I won the bet.

Tony Pulis was asked what he thought about the missiles being thrown. His reply?
 “We won’t be complaining to anyone. We’re Stoke and we don’t complain.”
Stoke, a real man's team. By real man I mean the really fat man you see at your local pub every night that moans about everything with slightly racist undertones. Then complains about students and drinks so much he pisses himself before falling off his bar stool.