Saturday, 24 December 2011

Tottenham want Dos Santas to go away

HaHA I made a Christmas pun!  In much better festive news, Giovanni Dos Santos is being thrown out of White Hart Lane because he's a lazy Mexican and Harry Redknapp is really racist like that.

According to reports in papers over the last few days, Spurs have been in talks with lots of imaginary clubs who want to take the international midfielder off their hands.  He's still only 22 so technically he could still become awesome as his early potential suggested he should, but there's only so many times you can put up with someone refusing to pass a football in your team.  There's always one guy on the team who no matter what, is convinced he is the greatest player on the pitch, and although Dos Santos hasn't given us any quotes along those lines, I think it's probably perfectly OK of us to assume that that is what he's like.  If you fired him and Nicklas Bendtner together at high speed you'd not only find the Higgs Boson but Jesus himself would pass you a beer and high five you.  But until they try that I guess we'll never know.  Some try to call me the greatest scientist of all time but I just say, "call me JJ.... wait.... professor JJ" cos I'm real modest and stuff.