Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thiago Silva is ungrateful

Thiago Silva's wife threw him a totally awesome party but then he was all "I don't like nights-out or clubbing. My wife organised a party for my birthday, I didn't even want it."

The AC Milan and Brazil defender left the comments that guarantee him no sex forever in an interview with an Italian magazine/paper/something recently and the one good thing I took from it is that he doesn't like going to clubs.  I agree.  Clubs are fucking awful.  Imagine if I did up my living room, charged you £10 to get in, got one of my pals to play music that you hate but REALLY LOUD and filled the place with people that you never, ever, ever want to speak to and then made you wait for oh I dunno....20 minutes sometimes to buy a drink?  Add to that the fact that you have a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and instantly clubs become the most pointless places ever.  And now I know Thiago Silva doesn't go to them I can cross that off my list of places I should stop stalking.  To be honest, I'm not sure he was ever likely to visit Liquid.  In Aberdeen.  

Anyway, somewhere in there is a football related story.  If you find it leave it in the comments below please thks k bai 11!!!111!1 xxxxxx