Friday, 16 December 2011

Sunderland players arrested

Sunderland players Nicklas Bendtner and Lee Cattermole have been arrested after some cars got damaged in Newcastle city centre on the 6th of December.  How delicious!

The arrests are on suspicion of criminal damage and Sunderland have so far declined to comment on the incident, which probably makes Bendther and Cattermole feel really excited.  The most realistic explanation for this whole scenario is that whilst wondering the starry streets of Newcastle one night, Lee Cattermole said to his friend Nicklas, "Nicklas do you also own all the cars of the world?".  "Why yes my friend!" he laughed, "I'm Nicklas Bendtner.  Everything you see before you is mine... and one day it shall be yours".  "Awww gee really?  No fooling?!".  "Absolutely Lee Cattermole.  Come!  Let us kick the absolute shit out of these Ford Fiestas"