Friday, 16 December 2011

Suarez didn't mean to be racist, everyone says it!

In a tantalising twist in the 'racist-gate' affair between Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez, Liverpool's lawyers are expected to explain that in Uruguay it's like totally cool to call people negros, and that is why he called Evra 'negro' and not that other word like I would have.  And by that I of course mean 'floppy penis face'.

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According to our pals at Who Ate All The Pies?, Henry Winter: super important journalist for the Telegraph, has uncovered the Liverpool lawyers' dastardly scheme to free their troubled Uruguayan star.  By somehow proving that Suarez only used the word once and by simply pointing out that it's no different to calling Dirk Kuyt 'blondie', no disciplinary panel can possibly see anything he's said as racist!

It's actually quite a mine-field because despite the fact that he obviously was being racist, there is a (slim) chance there may not have been any racist intent in his use of the word 'negro' and he really was just using the equivalent of a 'come at me, bro' meme on Patrice Evra during the match to wind him up.  Because he's... black?  Nah I still don't get it.  I also don't know why Dirk Kuyt is suddenly getting a whole bunch of insults thrown at him either.  What did he do?  It's not his fault he's been kept in a basement for twenty years.