Friday, 9 December 2011

Stoke trial Enoch Balotelli (Mario's brother)

For some reason Mr and Mrs Balotelli didn't call their second born Luigi but while I investigate just how eligible they are to be parents let's look at this wonderful story about Enoch Balotelli being given a trial at Stoke, the home of magic football.

image from
That may or may not be a picture of him, Google doesn't have an awful lot to be honest.  Did I say Google?  I meant the picture agency we subscribe to.  Yes.  Anyway, apparently Enoch doesn't quite have the same skills as his older brother and even Stoke have passed on the chance to sign him.  Presumably he didn't quite have the right 'FUCKING HOOF IT' technique employed by the club and just wasn't a great fit at the moment.  Or perhaps they just really wanted him to do something funny and he's really sensible.  Like Carlton in Fresh Prince.  Being turned down by Stoke is a bit like being turned down by a fat girl.  Look, the place is about to shut and everyone else has turned me down, you can't have that many other options, right?