Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stoke are obsessed with towels

Stoke City like to use a towel to dry the ball so that it flies further in the air somehow and they were banned from doing that so instead they now stitch towels on the insides of players' shirts.  That's also not allowed.

image borrowed from thedailymail.co.uk
According to the FA, both teams must agree to use towels before the match if towels are to be allowed during the match, so are now looking into whether hiding them under their shirts is worthy of disciplinary procedures.  Every single team in the world will of course say 'absolutely no way' when Tony Pulis asks them if they want to use towels during the game, and this is mostly because they want to play football and not try to incorporate rugby as much as possible into the match.

This whole story reminds me of when I used to sneak headphones into school so I could listen to music during boring classes.  We weren't allowed to but because I'm a fucking rebel I did it anyway by hiding one up the back of my jumper and through my sleeve so that when I leaned on one arm, as though I was resting my head, I could listen to one ear.  If I sat in the corner of the room I could listen to both because one side was out of view from the teacher.  That's honestly about as badass as I get.  So anyway Stoke blah blah blah towels.