Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stoke are cheats

Stoke could be probed for using a towel to dry the ball for their fucking awful long-throw tactic. They should be probed for being really shit and boring.

Ryan Shotton seemed to have a towel sewn into his shirt to allow him to dry the ball and therefore get more grip for his long throws. Stoke reckon they have been really clever and they probably have. Towels are not allowed to be used, but as this was a "towelling vest" and the same colour as their shirt, it did not break any rules.

Stoke have the smallest sized pitch possible to take full advantage of their biggest strength. They have Rory Delap and now Ryan Shotton, who are actually better throwing a ball into the box than crossing it with their feet. A skill usually associated with being a footballer so well done to them for getting this far. Without looking at any statistics whatsoever, long throws attribute to 128% of all Stokes' goals.

I am all for the long throw. In 2008, Arsene Wenger actually claimed that they should be banned all together. Anything that makes that miserable owl cry makes me happy.