Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Steven Fletcher is a goal machine

Steven Fletcher is scoring a shit-ton of goals at the moment and Mick McCarthy has thankfully pointed out that he expects a lot of bids in January for him.  I say thankfully because not many people really remember where he is most of the time.

from wolvesffs.wordpress.com
Now I chose to steal this photo in particular because it shows Steven wearing a Scotland shirt, the very same kind of shirt you'd expect a player of his calibre to have been wearing during the recent Euro 2012 qualifiers.  But because he doesn't like Craig Levein because he didn't pick him one time, he now refuses to play.  This boy has scored 16 goals in 23 games, starts every week in the Premier League and is too stubborn a man to try and help Scotland out.  Oh gee, thanks Steven, we'd much rather have Kenny Miller or Kenny Miller to choose from.  Failing that we could maybe play Kenny Miller.

Mick McCarthy thinks Fletcher's quiet life away from the media is to explain for the lack of transfer rumours involving his main striker, but it's actually because the papers all wanted to play 5-a-side this one time with Steven, but he didn't pick them so apparently that's how the world works now.  Every girl that has ever rejected me - prepare to not hear from me ever again, I refuse to talk!  If anything, that will free up like three hours a day of phone calls I'd normally make so thank you Steven Fletcher!