Thursday, 29 December 2011

Steve Kean is super excited!

Steve Kean has been having a hard time lately because he's terrible at his job and everyone hates him.  Alex Ferguson has been on the phone though and gave some words of encouragement, so now Kean's like:

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The ex-Aberdeen legend phoned Kean to give some much needed support in this time of need and reminded him of how Jesus managed to pull Nottingham Forest out of an 8 game losing streak with just the power of his words.  Kean said (about the call) (BBC):
What was said I would rather keep private but it was very encouraging,"
"For him to take the time out to phone me and give me a message of support shows the stature of the man. I was really impressed.
To be honest, the call probably has had a great effect on him and is definitely more enjoyable for Kean than the sound of a penis slapping against the receiver and someone yelling 'IT'S SUPPER TIME' but if he mentions that anyone did that it wasn't me.