Thursday, 29 December 2011

Stereophonics donate money to local team

Man you know what band I haven't heard anything about in a while?  The Stereophonics.  I wonder if they have any new albums or something they need to promote OH LOOK THEY'VE DONATED MONEY TO A LOCAL TEAM!  PUT THEM IN THE PAPER!

Cwmaman is the wee village that Kelly and Richard Jones hail from and they have agreed to donate a percentage of proceeds from their pre-xmas gigs to the local football team.  What's the percentage you ask?  I think it's just about enough to get some media interest.  And not a penny more!

The only reason I know Kelly and Richard Jones both come from that village is because I was obsessed with Stereophonics when I was like 13/14 and used to listen to Word Gets Around an awful lot, and that's fine cos that album was great.  Then it sort of went a bit... well... I don't listen to them much anymore.

Frontman Kelly used to play for Cwmaman at Junior level back in the day and was approached by the club to give them some money.  It's a tactic that hasn't worked for me as I stand outside Craig Brown's house throwing rocks at his window, while he cowers like a scared mole from Wind in the Willows.  I WANT SOME MONEY