Friday, 23 December 2011

Spurs infringe human rights

The Football Supporters Federation and some human rights groups have questioned Tottenham Hotspurs' recent decision to stick cameras to the heads of their stewards during their recent game against Chelsea.  They just don't 'get' art.  Squares.

Before the match, Spurs announced that "Stewards will wear head cams and adopt a zero-tolerance policy" in reference to the disgusting abuse that Steve Kean received at the hands of Blackburn supporters the other day.  The cameras were used in order to deter football fans from using homophobic, racist, foul and abusive language or behaviour during the game and their presence has opened up a whole bag of philosophical worms in how they are justified and planned to be used in the future.  Will they only be at Chelsea games?  What happens to the footage?  What instructions do the stewards have?

The director of the 'Liberty' told the BBC:
"Football clubs are right to want to end the racist, homophobic and generally nasty behaviour that sometimes shames our national sport," she said.
"Most fans are decent people who don't become monsters on swapping police and nurse's uniforms for team colours on an expensive night out.
"Is constant close surveillance the best way to create a family atmosphere? Does treating people like criminals really inspire courtesy and respect?"
I think they are right.  The best way to moderate human behaviour is definitely to just film them and catch them later.  It's either that or rounding up all those poor, white-trash council-house people and sending them to an island prison where they can all just fuck each other until evolution wipes them out.  You shouldn't be allowed to breed if the answer to "where should you take your 4 year old child for lunch?" is "Burger King".