Friday, 9 December 2011

Sone Aluko is a cheating dickhead, McCoist annoyed

Sone Aluko has been very rightly charged with "simulation" by the SFA because he decided to fall over to win Rangers a penalty.  This is pretty much the same as the bit in Episode II when the Emperor gets Anakin to attack him to complete his journey to the dark side, so well done guys.

I'm not really exaggerating when I say that anyone who cheats like that should be banned for as many games as is possible, then just kicked in the balls repeatedly by every member of the opposite team.  It's fair enough if you get light contact in a crowded area, or someone genuinely impedes you and you go down in the box, but just falling over is the worst thing.  If that happened at Aberdeen I'd like to think his fellow players would come over, pick him up and throw him in the sea just behind Pittodrie.  Ally McCoist is furious with the two match ban given to Aluko but he's pretty OK with the penalty they got because of the dive, so that's fine because Rangers won at any cost, and that's all that matters.
"I'm absolutely shocked and extremely angry at the fact this committee has upheld the decision," said McCoist.
"What they've effectively done is they have said the player has cheated."
Actually, that is exactly what they've done Ally.  They have accused him of cheating.  Because he did. What I've effectively done there is imply that you are a gigantic penis, Mr McCoist.  And this is how I plan to teach English as a foreign language.  Wait, this isn't the TEFL form I was filling out!