Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sky Sports vote Luis Suarez player of the year

Renowned racist Luis Suarez has had a little of the recent bad news he received softened with a very prestigious award from his friends at Sky Sports.

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Beating the likes of RVP and David Silva (who should both definitely have won) to player of the year will be a welcome addition to Suarez's favourite things in life and trophy room which includes the heads of various villagers he managed to shoot on a recent hunting trip through Africa's darkest jungles.  I'm only joking.  Suarez's Grandfather is actually black by the way.  That's a little interesting fact for you.

Liverpool fans started moaning at Sky because due to a 'technical error' the poll remained open over night after the official closing time and Nani had edged into the lead, but because even the most powerful computer in the entire of Sky television couldn't process this as factual information, Suarez was allowed to keep his title.

If anything this just goes to prove that internet poll voting is a bunch of horse shit and has absolutely no relevance to who should win anything.  Unless we win 'best football blog' or 'most awesome guys ever', of course.  Then they are perfectly legitimate.  But until that day, fuck you internet awards!