Monday, 19 December 2011

Scotland to introduce safe-standing, maybe

Sitting down in a football stadium, it's just a bit shit really. Anyone who has been to an away game knows that the experience is increased ten-fold when you stand up, regardless of what happens on the pitch. Well the SPL could be  introducing safe-standing areas at grounds in the SPL. Thanks God, Santa, Neil Doncaster or whoever.

Safe-standing has already been used in Germany and there are absolutely no problems. We have this miraculous technology these days called turnstiles and computers with magnets and shit which control fans getting into the game. If you don't have a ticket you can't get in. Therefore avoiding any Hillsborough like disasters.

I can't explain why but standing at football just makes for a better atmosphere, everybody knows this. I guess it's easier to throw pies and coins when you are standing up. It also helps you expand your diaphragm, which allows you to shout insults at the referee at an even greater volume.

No doubt some assholes will come out and moan about this and it will never get off the ground. SPL attendances are at an all time low. If we are forced to sit down and watch shite football week after week, we might as well just watch it at home on the sofa with a mince pie and a cat.