Friday, 16 December 2011

Samuel Eto'o banned for 15 matches

Samuel Eto'o has been banned by the Cameroonian Football Association for 15 matches for his part in a players strike so well done Cameroon for pretty much ending the international career of the greatest player you'll ever have.  *slow clap*

Don't feel too bad for old Sammy - the reason he was striking is because he didn't receive some bonus for playing for his country.  Just when I start thinking what a shame it is that Cameroon are going to miss out on the last real years of his playing career I then realise that he probably doesn't give two shits because it means he has more time to sit in a bath of money and pay his dwarf slaves to throw themselves from the roof of his castle.

Eto'o can appeal the ban, but it might make the Cameroon FA look a little bit weak if they reduced such a severe punishment.  It's sort of like when you tell your parents you are running away, get to the bottom of the street and then realise it's probably better just to come home, even though you know you look really stupid.  And just because I'm 26 doesn't mean I won't do it again next week, Mum!  I hate broccoli.