Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ryan Giggs was slamming Imogen Thomas

We can exclusively reveal that Ryan Giggs was banging former reality TV star Imogen Thomas and it was him that the papers weren't allowed to report!  What's that?  Oh you knew?  Oh EVERYONE knew.  Well.  Ummmmm

Everyone obviously already knew this, and we'd all also forgotten we ever cared about it in the first place.  Now, apparently, the case has gone through the courts and Ryan Giggs has said that he actually doesn't think she was trying to blackmail him after all, so her reputation can be restored.  From BBC news:
"To suddenly have to defend my character because of this legal process has been extremely upsetting and stressful.
"I'm just relieved that the parties and the court now accept that I'm no blackmailer. I have been vindicated and that's all I wanted.
"I have nothing to add - it's all behind me now."
I'll bet that this girl is really happy she can go back to her quiet life in the hills  life showing off her tits to magazines that only 14 year olds and builders read while Ryan Giggs, who is actually the bad guy in this story, gets fucking adulation and respect from the world.  It's like no-one has even noticed or said anything about the fact he was getting balls deep in Ms Thomas whilst married, and with children, but because he's such a respectable player he gets away with it.  If Ashley Cole pulled any of this shit he would have been tied to a rocket and fired at the sun.