Friday, 2 December 2011

Ryan Babel invites ex-convict to children's party dressed as Spongebob. Regrets it.

Forgotten man Ryan Babel held a party for his children, or was just at a children's party for some reason and invited someone dressed as Spongebob Squarepants round to entertain.

Halfway through the 'party' Spongebob dropped character and lifted his mask in order to smoke. He then blew this smoke into the delighted children's faces which pleased Babel even more. Clearly furious with these goings on, the Dutch winger confronted the actor to tell him to wise up in a "rude and angry" manner, immediately backing down when the entertainer revealed that he'd just been released from prison.  Something that makes this story a little bit weirder for me is Babel's description of the costume on Twitter:

If you invite a character to a kid’s birthday party, you want to see that character be that character.
Spongebob was taking his helmet off and was smoking a cigarette in front of the kids.
Look at that picture of Spongebob and then try and work out which part would be a helmet on a costume.  What kind of party was this?  If I told you I'm hosting a party and I'm inviting a criminal over to smoke while he pulls his helmet off you'd be concerned, but if I add that it's for kids I guess that makes it OK.

So that's all I can find for Spongebob helmet, and if that is what he's wearing then what I think we should take from this is that Ryan Babel is too eager to trust people.  The last time I invited a guy wearing yellow overalls and a Spongebob helmet into my house he murdered everyone.  It was very annoying.  Also sad.