Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Roy Keane is hard

Roy Keane has defended his right to criticise Manchester United in light of their recent exit from Europe's elite competition after saying that "they got what they deserved" and "Without players like myself, maybe he wouldn't have such a good managerial record".

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Let us not forget that Roy Keane was an exceptionally awesome player in his day and completely controlled a majority of the games he took part in.  My favourite part was when he deliberately tried to end Alfe Inge-Haaland's career by snapping his leg in half.  What a lovely man!

Let us now remember that Roy Keane was an atrocious manager.  I think he might actually have believed he was going to be the greatest manager ever, especially after getting Sunderland promoted on his first try.  He would go to bed and dream about the trophies he would win, and do practise press conferences pre-match on Championship Manager, lifting his empty flower vase in celebration of a 5th successive Champions League victory.

Then he woke up and was in Ipswich.  Oh and also he was crying about Sir Alex not loving him enough:
"People say he stood by me in difficult times," the Irishman said. "But he didn't when I was 34, not when I was towards the end [of my career] and had a few differences with [former United assistant boss] Carlos Queiroz.  All of a sudden then, 'Off you go, Roy, and here's the statement we've done."
So as we can see here, Roy Keane actually just wants to be loved and now we can understand all of his violent behaviour in the past.  And although I still genuinely believe he's going to punch anyone in the same room as him when he's on TV, now we know why.