Friday, 16 December 2011

Rooney tweets some x-factor guy, football blogs go mental. fml

Pretend journalists worldwide must not be able to believe their luck when it comes to conjuring stories out of nothing since the invention of Twitter, and then subsequent usage of it by footballers.  Today Wayne Rooney sent a poorly worded tweet to some kid from a tv show.

image from
Instead of a picture of the tweets, Rooney or whoever Frankie Cocozza is (that might not even be his name) I thought I'd gift you one of one of Scotland's finest products, Tiffany Mulheron.  She used to be in some children's TV show and then also in Hollyoaks for like a few weeks.  Either way, I care far more about her "career" than anyone who has been on X-Factor for the last like five years.

Sure, it used to be quite funny and I even came up with an awesome drinking game to go with it, but then the novelty ran out.  I'd honestly rather watch a guy jerking off to a picture of Tiffany Mulheron than give you anymore information about this whole Wayne Rooney twitter thing, which is why I avoid chat roulette.  And mirrors.  Is it gay to watch yourself?  You're watching a guy jerk off, remember.  While you debate this age old philosophical question, go read the actual article here or something.