Monday, 5 December 2011

Rooney might miss Euro 2012

Fabio Capello has continued to defy all known logic by suggesting that he might leave Wayne Rooney at home if his three match ban is upheld following appeal.  Everyone is really happy about this.

Capello will accompany Rooney on a trip to Nyon on Thursday to see if UEFA will cut his ban for kicking another player during an international match down from three games to like one, or one and a half if they'll allow that.  From MirrorFootball:
“I need to wait,” Capello said. “I need to see how the appeal goes. The sentence, three games, was too much and I hope the appeal will help us reduce it. I hope he [Rooney] will be available for game three.”
Capello's argument is said to be based on the "it's unfair wwwwwaaaAAAAAHHHHH" classic argument first used by representatives of Andrey Arshavin, which was successful in negotiating a ban reduction for the tiny Russian in Euro 2008.  "And he was a god-damn commy spy!" Capello will probably add.