Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rangers: Aluko didn't dive

Those lovely people at Rangers FC have decided to contest the two-match ban given to Sone Aluko for diving and I for one am shocked.

Aluko was assaulted in the box against Dunfermline and was rightly awarded a penalty. I can't be arsed with sarcasm so I'll just stop. Aluko said he felt the contact so he went down. He said he doesn't dive and thought it was a penalty and so did the ref obviously.

And that is that gentleman. It's hard to really be pissed off, unless I was a Dunfermline fan because if I was a Dunfermline fan I'd be pissed off all the time. Inbred and a shit football team. If it is your own player, you are delighted when they dive and win a pen. Moral crusaders may come out and say it's disgusting but fuck them - football and life are all about winning at any cost.  Hopefully for contesting the ban the SFA will grow a pair and say, "it was clearly a dive and for trying to appeal you are banned from football for life because everyone hates you". Then I wake up alone in my own piss again.