Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Phil Brown is ugly / sacked

Phil Brown was that guy that took Hull to the Premiership. Do you remember that? When Hull were in the Premiership? I had completely forgotten.  I'm even doubting that it ever happened despite knowing it did.

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No it definitely did, the BBC say so.  The former Hull boss, who was once flying high in the Premiership, has now been fired by Preston North End and I assume it's because they are doing badly or something.  Brown said this:
"I appear to have been dismissed on the basis of the last 10 matches rather than the overall picture,"
And the guys at the club said this:
"With the territory comes the big calls to make the right decisions, and obviously time will tell if it's the right one. If we didn't believe it was the right decision, we wouldn't have taken it."
So basically the football was awful, no-one enjoyed watching it and the team weren't winning any games.  These sound like good enough reasons to me to fire someone just before CHRISTMAS YOU HEARTLESS FIENDS!! WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREEENNNNNNNNN!!!

There will be no Santa Clause in Phil Brown's house this year; in his place will simply appear a drunk, depressed ageing fat man who only ventures out of the house when he really needs to, and then spends this time breaking into people's houses, even using the chimney as a means of forced entry.  Wait a minute....

In shocking news, we can reveal that Phil Brown is Santa - I'm going to look on the BBC for confirmation so I'll be back in five minutes.

edit: I cannot confirm that last sentence