Sunday, 4 December 2011

Paul Pogba is famous

Paul Pogba seems to be getting a lot of attention of late because he keeps refusing to sign very lucrative contracts with Man Utd in order that he get offered more money by some other team.  Heart warming stuff.

Despite only being 18 and having not really played any notable games of late (if that is incorrect please attribute it to my horrible ignorance), the little jerk seems to think he's worth more than £15,000 a week and is pissing Manchester United contract drawer-uppers off.  And that one sentence, my friends, should dispel any possible doubt you had as to whether we will ever be able to do this professionally.  Look at how awful that sentence is.  I wonder if Paul Pogba likes pogs?  I wonder if he's on a pog.  A Paul Pogba pog.  Some of you may be wondering if I've run out of ideas for this story at this point.