Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Paul Ince thinks Man Utd need a new striker

Paul Ince is a tactical mastermind so Alex Ferguson is probably furiously fingering himself at the free advice his former protege has provided him with:  "Manchester United need a new striker".  Oh and also maybe replacements for Vidic and the midfield, but mostly, definitely a striker.

The football genius explained to BBC Sport that:
"There is a lot of pressure on Rooney and we saw what that did to him in the World Cup," Ince told BBC Sport.
"If you are going to compete with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea you need someone who is going to score you 20 goals a season and you can't just rely on Wayne Rooney to do it year in and year out.
If only Manchester United had any brilliant strikers at the club, or even just several young, future stars they could call upon if needed.  You know, just.... someone.... a player sort of like Dimitar Berbatov, or Javier Hernandez, or Danny Wellbeck, or Fredrico Macheda or.... I would say Michael Owen but if you could buy him in action figure form you wouldn't have the option to buy it without a hospital bed.  I need more Paul Ince:
 "The game has changed since [Roy Keane's era] and you don't get those type of characters, so he's got to look at another way of controlling the midfield and I think that can come from creativity in someone like Luka Modric or Andres Iniesta, they are the players I would be looking at if I was Sir Alex Ferguson.
Goddamn it, he was right all along.  I'm pretty sure Barcelona will sell that guy, he should be pretty cheap, and Luka Modric is readily available as well.  I was thinking that maybe SAF could sign Lionel Messi too, cos he'd be pretty good on the left wing when Ryan Giggs isn't playing but I'm not just not as good at managing as Paul Ince is.  He should probably get a trophy or something.