Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Owen Coyle is great

Steve Kean still hasn't been fired, and still hasn't left.  What a wonderful world we live in where a drink-driving Scot in a job he is entirely incapable of performing to any standard other than "awful" is allowed to remain employed, this close to Christmas.

Because Bolton managed to beat Blackburn 2-1 yesterday, some have said that Kean's position may just perhaps have become untenable.  I don't really know what that word means but if my suspicions are correct, then it might be "delicious".  Meanwhile, here are some photoshops I stole from a popular football forum for you to enjoy.

And here's another:

Because sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words ever could.  And there's absolutely no fucking way I'm writing 1000 words about Steve Kean.  I've pretty much run out of anything funny to say at all.  I think unless he's killed quite soon I might lost all my powers.