Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nicklas Bendter is sorry he got arrested

In a rare moment of selflessness, Nicklas Bendtner has apologised to the public for being arrested on suspicion of breaking a whole bunch of cars in Newcastle.

Speaking with his Sunderland team-mate Lee Cattermole, who was also arrested, the great Dane said:
"I am extremely sorry for all of this."
"My most important goal right now is getting rid of my injury and getting back in top form." 
"I fully assume responsibility for not distancing myself from these incidents before they got out of hand," he added.
"I hope you will understand that I now promise to concentrate fully on football and only football. My focus has to be here - and not anywhere else.
"It means that I in the upcoming time won't be involved in extracurricular activities - like too many parties or interviews about my persona.
"Trust takes time to build - and I now can see how quickly it disappears."
He then added "but if I have to go to prison at least the fanny will be better looking" which is pretty harsh if you ask me.  Harsh but true.