Sunday, 4 December 2011

Michel Platini seems cool

Michel Platini is all laid-back and awesome about football and how it should be run because he listens to the suggestions of other people and isn't hugely racist and old.

The reason that Platini is super cool today is that he has announced he would be willing to move European club competitions around in order to accommodate a Winter World Cup, seeing as if the tournament is played in Qatar over the summer most of the players would probably/certainly die.  Sepp Blatter doesn't care of course and just says "well they should just un-die once the game is finished and donate their shirts to my chosen charity - 'The Sepp Blatter's personal bank account'... uhhhh I mean 'cancer charity'.  How did you get in here?  You look Mexican.  I specifically said no ethnics."

Qatari officials have unveiled plans to effectively turn the stadiums into giant fridges so that everyone can run around like normal, to which Platini said "that sounds 'ice'" and then everyone was like "nooooo way awesome pun".  True story.